In this weeks Torah portion we read about the rebellious cousin of Moses, Korach, who challenges Moses on numerous issues and disputes several commandments.

One of Korach's questions was why a home that contains many Jewish books still must have a Mezuzah on every door post? After all, with all the books and studying that must be taking place in such a home, why is it necessary to roll up yet one more portion of the Torah in a little case and place it on the doorpost as a Mezuzah?

The Chassidic masters explain that what Korach failed to comprehend was that study alone doesn't suffice. The study must permeate day to day life as well, and encapsulate every aspect of our lives. Even the most routine actions we go through every day should be all geared towards the goal of making the world a better place through acts of goodness and kindness, study of Torah and performance of the Mitzvot.

That is why the Mezuzah is hung on every door. It reminds us that even though we may have gone to Synagogue to pray or have studied some Torah, as we exit 'through the door' and continue with our daily schedule we should see the Mezuzah and remember that we should carry that light with us throughout the day.


Rabbi Avrohom