This week we read a second rendition of the ten commandments. While reviewing all ten, the Torah makes an interesting observation: 'When G‑d spoke to all the assembled Jews at Mt. Sinai, his voice produced no echo'. What is so special about that? Usually the more powerful the voice, the stronger the echo?

An echo is produced when the sound does not continue traveling and is repelled by an obstacle. When G‑d gave us the ten commandments, their very sound waves permeated everything they encountered, and thus there was no echo. Why? The idea was not that they should be a couple of rituals that we perform here and there, having no real affect on our own lives. Rather, the Torah is a guideline teaching us how to live every single moment of our lives to the fullest - a nuclear reactor fueling and giving meaning to everything we do. How to use every aspect of our day to day lives to make the world a better and holier place.

The idea that everything we do, from work to shopping to prayer and study are all part and parcel of serving G‑d, is unique - but that is what Judaism is all about. Judaism is not a "religion". It is a way of life. It is about bringing out the holiness and goodness that is in every aspect of the world.

Rabbi Avrohom