With the High Holidays around the corner, one might ponder what exactly is so "High and Holy" about these days. We've done it before, maybe several times, or several dozen times. What exactly do we gain by celebrating them over and over again?

Each one of us, man woman and child, has a divine spark, a little piece of God within us, that is our Jewish soul. It's in us already. We are each inherently good and holy, and we need not change ourselves to reveal this. It is who we are and want to be. We need only bring this deep part of us to the fore. So yes, we'll find ourselves celebrating Jewish rituals we've done before. But the true point is not the ritual, holiday or Mitzva. It's us.

The High Holidays have come before and will come again. But they are there to assure that we start off our new year by being ourselves. It's us looking in the mirror and asking how we can be our best self. Now, does anyone get bored of themselves...?

Rabbi Avrohom