Tuesday's Presidential election has produced reactions ranging from shock and nervous surprise, to many people feeling that finally someone who cares for their view is in the White House.

In this week's Torah portion we read the story of Abraham and Sarah, the first Jews. We read how they receive an interesting blessing from God: "Those who bless you, will be blessed themselves".

This blessing was more than a simple encouragement for people to bless Abraham and Sarah - this is a key to the way the world works. 

How so? People who bless other people, are blessed themselves. Tolerance, seeing others in a positive light, and rooting for the happiness and success of others, brings blessings to the one doing the blessing. It's that simple.

At a time when so many people are angry with each other, one might feel a bit disheartened. Some might even downright fearful on how to make sure that society continues down a civil path.

If there's one good piece of advice that I've heard for times when we're upset, it's just that: Bless others, and blessings will come to us all.

Rabbi Avrohom