In this week's Torah portion we read the story of Abraham and Sarah, the first Jews. We read how they receive an interesting blessing from God: "Those who bless you, will be blessed themselves".

This blessing was more than a simple encouragement for people to bless Abraham and Sarah - this is a key to the way the world works. 

How so? People who bless other people, are blessed themselves. Tolerance, seeing others in a positive light, and rooting for the happiness and success of others, brings blessings to the one doing the blessing. It's that simple.

At a time when so many people are upset with each other, one might feel a bit disheartened. Some might even downright fearful on how to make sure that society continues down a civil path.

If there's one good piece of advice that I've heard for times when we're upset, it's just that: Bless others, and blessings will come to us all.

Rabbi Avrohom